Unfathomable Tangled Yarn

Aaarrgggghhhhhhh, like today can just do one. I have 10,000 tasks to do and I know SOMEWHERE is the start of the ball of string which will help me unravel and complete my day! Can I find the end?? Hell no! It's like I'm trying to find the end of a ball of Wool whilst … Continue reading Unfathomable Tangled Yarn

“Normal” – The most Dangerous Word – Part 1

It's 9:08am here in Oddity-land. I have spent the last hour and eight minutes biting my tongue and inwardly seething at every word spoken by my racist; privileged; idiotic and entirely infuriating co-workers since I walked in the door this morning. The topics of "discussion" this morning so far have included: George Floyd (and his … Continue reading “Normal” – The most Dangerous Word – Part 1

Smashed Screens, Children’s Puzzles and Alan Turing

The Imitation Game. What a game it is. Or was. Perhaps still going on... Who truly knows..? I write to you today from a new screen. My phone had an altercation with the kitchen floor and decidedly came off worse. So here we are, new screen to ensure my continued connection to the digital world … Continue reading Smashed Screens, Children’s Puzzles and Alan Turing

Stand up Hilarity

Having an evening of stand-up comedy, to improve my recent low mood! Currently watching Brad Williams "Fun Size" comedy sketch, never heard of him before, OMG I'm dying 😂😂😂😂 massive recommendations for this man, literally crying with laughter! Baby gates, Stickers and Lap Dances. 1 hour of non-stop filth... I FUCKING LOVED IT! As unlikely … Continue reading Stand up Hilarity

We shall not see his like again

I still struggle to comprehend how a man as extraordinary as Robin Williams could have suffered so much, for so long, that he felt suicide was his only option... A truly Great man, committed always to the well-being and entertainment of others whilst feeling empty and devoid of love for himself. He has starred in … Continue reading We shall not see his like again