Smashed Screens, Children’s Puzzles and Alan Turing

The Imitation Game.

What a game it is. Or was. Perhaps still going on… Who truly knows..?

I write to you today from a new screen. My phone had an altercation with the kitchen floor and decidedly came off worse. So here we are, new screen to ensure my continued connection to the digital world to which we are all enslaved in some way… For me, the screen helps me make some extra pennies; not a lot granted, but enough to help make ends meet at the end of the month…

How do your screens enslave you? What barrel have they got you over..?

I haven’t mentioned my screen job much before this as it’s my down time as well as an earner. I’m basically an up-cycler, or re-purposer of 2nd hand goods. We throw away too much. Too much time, money, resources and energy is sent to landfill needlessly. I’m doing a very small part to help stop that. I don’t know about you, but up until recently I wasn’t a great fan of buying 2nd hand from Charity Shops or Boot Sales… Dirt, Germs, not clean… Words I told myself were reason enough to always buy new. Reasons not to rummage through a box of hidden treasure… I am truly pleased my mind set has changed on that.

For example; If I can buy a teddy bear, an unloved Bear in need of a new home, why on Earth would I not take him home, give him a trip through the washer, then find him a home with a child who needs a friend?! Not all parents can afford new things these days, so giving people the opportunity to have nice things, like a brand new looking teddy bear, for a fraction of the price AND to keep it out of landfill, surely that’s got to be worth doing, right?

Alan Turing… What a man. One of my favourite go to films is the Imitation Game. Last night (when this post began) I needed something to listen to and engage my brain, so hearing about the work of Alan Turing and his marvellous machines, commonly known as Computers today! If you haven’t watched it, PLEASE do. World War 2; Bletchley Park; Enigma; Code-Breaking!! SO MANY IMPORTANT THINGS.

Enigma, the biggest puzzle of our lifetime. 159,000,000,000,000,000,000 (159 Million, million, million) possible settings to check every day… He cracked it. Technology vs. Technology. What a mind it must have taken to fathom such a large system AND make it work in practice?!?

I think I’ll just stick to my jigsaws and Suduko puzzles 😂

Have a great weekend everyone, much love (especially to all you “odd ducks” out there)

Luna xXxXx

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