Cold and Close to Tears…

I always feel sad this time of year… I think it’s all the greenery dying… The weather changing… Leaves me so down and melancholy…

Unfortunately my sadness today comes from affairs of the heart rather than the woes of nature… In a previous post I mentioned the start of a new game I began recently. The DATING game. Not an easy feat for a tall girl pushing 30 with a love of all things sugary…

In recent weeks I have found a rather wonderful human, who seemingly enough actually enjoys spending time with me AND is taller than me AND likes to go on random date activities AND likes my body type! I mean great, right??! However, my fear of abandonment goes through the roof at the thought of him at the fairly major snag we seem to have encountered… He is allergic to me.

Yes, you read that right, allergic… To me… Or something in my flat. BLOODY BRILLIANT 😭😭

It’s very disconcerting to go to sleep next to a beautiful specimen of the male species and wake up to something akin to Deadpool pre-cool outfit…

It’s so bizarre as I myself have sensitive skin so usually if anyone’s face is going to melt it’s mine! I already use sensitive washing powder (and have now changed to his brand); have no pets; have changed my shampoo and conditioner to a 99% natural range to remove the chemicals there…

I could go on, I won’t. Anyway, these changes have had some effect but not a total reduction… I’m determined to find out the cause and change/fix it but I am getting worried I’m not going to be given enough time to do so…

Literally gutting. Found a nice guy who’s into me and he’s allergic to me! Where is the fairness here? It’s taken nearly a year since the end of my last relationship to even try again… I’m getting worried it was the wrong choice, that yes it’s lonelier… But at least people don’t leave me… You get me? People always leave…

It’s a lonely evening in Oddity-land, I wish you all happiness and prosperity in your doings today, as that’s all I have to offer seemingly.

Adiós Amigos. Luna

9 thoughts on “Cold and Close to Tears…

  1. Have you considered other things like the detergent your clothes and the bedding are washed in? I won’t mention perfume; that’s too obvious. Natural isn’t always better either. I’m seriously allergic to tea tree and products made from it. That includes anything “Melaleuca”. Tea tree is a very common ingredient in Polynesian homeopathic medicines too, but I’m still among the 1 1/2 percent of the world that’s allergic to it.

    Stay strong. *hug* If it’s real, it’s worth fighting for. You’ll find an answer, it just may take a little work.


    1. Thank you very much for all your advice, I’d be very heartened if I hadn’t just received a message from him to say it’s over… 😢😢😢
      I would’ve kept fighting, but again, Abandonment rules ok… I’m now full on crying wondering what the hell is wrong with me! 😭😭

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  2. “People always leave….” but is this really true or could this be a limiting belief? Tell him to take some Claritin Clear. My husband has the worst allergies year round so he takes allergy meds to get through the day. It could help this poor guy… I really don’t see why this relationship can’t work, allergies or no allergies. If there is a will, there is a way. So don’t give up all hope yet! 🙏🏻💕

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    1. This is a learned behaviour probably… A depression induced belief that makes me feel worthless and unlovable… I always seem to end up blaming myself for people leaving… Speaking from a calmer mindset today that’s all I can think…
      I was willing to take all necessary precautions/changes to improve things for him, he just isn’t willing to give me the time or the number of chances required to work it out… Thank you for your kind words! I really hope this isn’t the end Xxx


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