Moral Dilemma!

Hey all, I need some advice!

At work yesterday we found out that the remaining founder of the business has passed away. I have heard that the current directors (my bosses) are planning to close the business on the day of the funeral.

My Dilemma is this: having never (not once even in passing) met this woman, should I feel obligated to attend? I know a lot of my colleagues will be attending as they worked under her and knew her well. As a person I have NEVER met I feel that is disrespectful to sit at a funeral knowing everyone around you is grieving and uniting in their loss and sharing memories, when I have nothing to contribute?!

Does anyone have any thoughts, I REALLY neee some help on this one. Please comment below with your thoughts if it was you in my place. All opinions welcome!

Luna x


Beyond the Melting Point of Rock…

This current heatwave is not relenting here in Oddity-land, as a long, curly-haired and well-endowed woman, I am definitely not ok with this level of “ick”.

The above quote gives me hope that tomorrow might be a better day, with less melting-y-ness…

All the best to you all, stay safe and keep your fur-babies (and small humans too I suppose) cool and safe too!

Luna xXx

When Anxiety takes over Oddity-land…


What a day! A rollercoaster with loops, vertical drops and corkscrews…

Firstly, oh my Gods it’s hot! Like WAAAAAAY too hot for us. Apparently Brit’s don’t deal well with any kind of mildly Extreme weather!

I do believe this has contributed slightly to my heightened state of anxiety, but it is certainly ruling the roost in my head tonight ☹️

I went on a date on Saturday! (It is relevant to this post I promise) Ever since I have been wondering if he genuinely enjoyed the time he spent with me… Did he like me? Was he just being kind? Does he pull this face πŸ˜’πŸ™„ when I message him? Did I say/do something to put him off without realising it? I hope he wasn’t just humouring me… I know I’m overweight and that can be off-putting, did it bother him? Did he think I was repulsive?? 😡😭

This constant barrage of thoughts has been plaguing me… It won’t stop! I feel like I’ve gone insane with worry… I sent a (hopefully) rationalised version of some of these worries in a message to him earlier… Still hasn’t read it…

Does that mean he’s ignoring me? Or he’s trying to tell me to leave him alone??!?!

Omgomgomgomg everything hurts, please make it STOP!! My head can’t take it!

Any words of sanity, calm or logic would be greatly loved as all of the above have abandoned me in my spiralling out of control head!


Please help… I can’t cope with so many thoughts… My heart is racing, I can’t focus…


End… Please… Let it end…

No Regrets!

What a weekend! Been to see the new Lion King film (amazing re-make, go see it you won’t regret it!) As first dates go, a cinema trip, meal for two and a night out at our mutual favourite nightclub is a damn good way to start!

Since then, my conduct of agreeing to so many activities on a first date has been questioned by friends and colleagues… And I have to wonder why it matters?? (Especially to other people!) I took a chance that spending a day with someone new (whom I’d enjoyed speaking to all week on a large variety of mutually enjoyable topics) would be a nicer way to spend a Saturday than staying at home on my own as I normally would.

I had a blast! No regrets whatsoever. He was a complete gentleman and we had a great time doing things together that we both enjoy! What on Earth is wrong with that?!

I saw this quote online earlier today and after hearing some of the “advice” on offer, I feel this extremely valid.

Everything I did was exactly what I wanted.

Don’t let anyone convince you that taking chances is a bad thing. If we never take a chance to make a change, then we will always have what we have always gotten.

(P.s as I write this post my gentleman friend has just messaged me and it has lightened my heart significantly! Definitely NO REGRETS!)

Live your best life! Until next time dear friends, Luna. Xxx

The Pet Peeves of an Oddity

Hello again Readers, it’s Luna here! I am currently stuck in a Groundhog of a week that stretches on endlessly before me so I thought I would jump on the “Pet Peeve” bandwagon doing the rounds at the moment to help pass the time!

“So, What’s winding up Luna???”
  • People who leave their personal mobile phones on loud in the work place. Disrespectful, distracting and unprofessional.
  • Feet. Specifically people who feel the need to show their feet (usually nasty feet too) in public spaces where they aren’t wanted. e.g. busses, in shops, at my workplace. Keep those inside shoes for all our sakes.
  • Slow Thinkers. This one may sound harsh, but I have no tolerance for people who don’t take in information or instructions when they are given clearly. My colleague Quasi (previously mentioned in past posts) stares blankly at me telling her the answer to the latest mundane and simple question she has asked me. She then repeats my words back to me slightly differently and SUPER SLOWLY! I know what I said, I just told you! Just write it down or tell the customer, don’t repeat it to me!
  • People that read signs/notices aloud when both parties are reading them. We are not children, I can read in my head, please do the same.
  • Personal Space Invaders! This is a HUGE one for me. If I have not invited you into this bubble and you haven’t entered accidentally (e.g. passing through a crowded street) then back the hell away! Quasi is guilty here too, she’ll hover over my shoulder if I’m checking details for her and it’s literally, “you asked me for help, I am helping. DO NOT stand so close that I can barely concentrate/feel the need to physically move away.”
  • Animal bullies 😑 I dislike all bullies in all their forms, but people who shout at their pets, frighten them or intentionally make their lives dark are a special kind of cruel. You’ve gotten a new puppy and are surprised that it doesn’t behave like an adult dog when you’re walking it in a crowded place?? Have you taken the time to train it properly? No! You’re just shouting at it for something it can’t help!!

Ok, I think that needs to be the point where this post comes to an end or else this could get nasty!

Wishing everyone a WONDERFUL weekend (I’m going on a first date later!)

Let your weirdness shine! It’s what makes you, YOU!

Luna xxxx