Sat in a room with yourself…

Ok, it’s something that people say fairly often… But what WOULD you actually say??? Give hints to the future? Give advice as to people/situations to avoid?

Or would you be kinder to yourself? Tell them not to worry? Tell them how amazing they are? Tell them the people that matter will love them regardless of the decisions they make?

We are so hard on ourselves every single day. If we could go back in time to meet our younger selves, what honest and true words could you give yourself..? Not to incite fear, worry or anxiety… But to prepare them for their life adventure ahead! The world is full of WONDER ready to explore and discover…

I’ve been feeling rather philosophical lately, I am debating whether sharing some of my more unorthodox ideas is wise (as they are rather big… In the scheme of world’s, galaxies and universes if such exist) 🤔

Have an intergalactic weekend! Luna-land may relocate to a different galaxy for some TLC, RnR and a visit to an alien spa 😍 Bye-sy Bye! Xxx

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