Moral Dilemma!

Hey all, I need some advice! At work yesterday we found out that the remaining founder of the business has passed away. I have heard that the current directors (my bosses) are planning to close the business on the day of the funeral. My Dilemma is this: having never (not once even in passing) met … Continue reading Moral Dilemma!

When Anxiety takes over Oddity-land…

Aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!! What a day! A rollercoaster with loops, vertical drops and corkscrews... Firstly, oh my Gods it's hot! Like WAAAAAAY too hot for us. Apparently Brit's don't deal well with any kind of mildly Extreme weather! I do believe this has contributed slightly to my heightened state of anxiety, but it is certainly ruling the … Continue reading When Anxiety takes over Oddity-land…

Attack of the Cheese Dreams

I didn't sleep well last night. Not at all. The reason I have concluded in short... Cheese before Bed is a Mahoosive No-no!!! Literally spent the entire night in my subconscious sleeping brain, running between my bedroom window, the front door and the back door (which had somehow turned into a walled/trellised fairy garden...) whilst … Continue reading Attack of the Cheese Dreams

Technophobes and the impending Zombie apocalypse

Hello again, happy non-holiday makers... I am learning loads... Mostly how glad I am that I moved out from my mum and dad's. I WANT TO GO HOME! We are currently moving to a different area of France using the Sat-nav for guidance. The Sat-nav that is built into Dad's super-duper clever car. The problem … Continue reading Technophobes and the impending Zombie apocalypse