Unfathomable Tangled Yarn

Aaarrgggghhhhhhh, like today can just do one. I have 10,000 tasks to do and I know SOMEWHERE is the start of the ball of string which will help me unravel and complete my day! Can I find the end?? Hell no! It's like I'm trying to find the end of a ball of Wool whilst … Continue reading Unfathomable Tangled Yarn

Norwegians, Nincompoops and a Nervous Meltdown

Well, it's Friday again everybody, surely a cause for celebration amongst most of the 9-5ers amongst us! The weekend looms with freedom and hopefully some rest to recharge. I seem to be being put to the test this morning, being made to thoroughly earn my weekend... We open at 8am every morning, at 8:01am the … Continue reading Norwegians, Nincompoops and a Nervous Meltdown

The Freedom of an Organised Mind

I'm feeling a different vibe today! Good vibes are in the air for certain. I have been thinking for a while about some small tasks I need to complete with regards to home improvements, medical appointments and checking bills and alternative service providers, but life always has a way of pushing these things further and … Continue reading The Freedom of an Organised Mind