Hard-wired on Haywire

I'm stuck in 100MPH messy-mind mode and everything is super sharp and twitchy... My arms and legs feel restless and I'm jumping at small noises. The boss pulling the metal blind cord gently was like nails down a chalk board amplified. To sum up, full on flight mode! I didn't sleep well last night, I … Continue reading Hard-wired on Haywire

Unfathomable Tangled Yarn

Aaarrgggghhhhhhh, like today can just do one. I have 10,000 tasks to do and I know SOMEWHERE is the start of the ball of string which will help me unravel and complete my day! Can I find the end?? Hell no! It's like I'm trying to find the end of a ball of Wool whilst … Continue reading Unfathomable Tangled Yarn

Norwegians, Nincompoops and a Nervous Meltdown

Well, it's Friday again everybody, surely a cause for celebration amongst most of the 9-5ers amongst us! The weekend looms with freedom and hopefully some rest to recharge. I seem to be being put to the test this morning, being made to thoroughly earn my weekend... We open at 8am every morning, at 8:01am the … Continue reading Norwegians, Nincompoops and a Nervous Meltdown

Broken like so many stacked Crackers

Stacked... then Broken Having a VERY bad day. Anxiety level is through the roof. Shaking hands, stuttering, brain fog, the lot! In a strange period of time where I believe I must have disassociated, I found myself feeling like a stack of crushed crackers... Every time a new thought/idea/feeling arrived on the cracker stack... CRUNCH... … Continue reading Broken like so many stacked Crackers