Splitting Ends

Greetings from the other side of the Mountain friends! Sorry to have been away so long but my Mental Health took such a dip I went internal and am only just starting to re-emerge as a new (and hopefully healthier and stronger) reincarnation of Luna. I have taken some much needed time off work (to … Continue reading Splitting Ends

A Passionate Mind

Ok, so this is more of a quick list than a true post... I've been feeling emotions rather intensely of late and what better way to focus this new found brain power than to list down all the things I find myself being passionate about! I am becoming more determined to make a DIFFERENCE for … Continue reading A Passionate Mind

The Freedom of an Organised Mind

I'm feeling a different vibe today! Good vibes are in the air for certain. I have been thinking for a while about some small tasks I need to complete with regards to home improvements, medical appointments and checking bills and alternative service providers, but life always has a way of pushing these things further and … Continue reading The Freedom of an Organised Mind