My Mood does NOT Define my Mind

A sentiment I have been meaning to share for some time with you fellow Oddities. I have this little gem written on a Post-it stuck to my monitor at work so I can see it at all times. A post in the making for over a year now, never the right time, until today it … Continue reading My Mood does NOT Define my Mind

Hard-wired on Haywire

I'm stuck in 100MPH messy-mind mode and everything is super sharp and twitchy... My arms and legs feel restless and I'm jumping at small noises. The boss pulling the metal blind cord gently was like nails down a chalk board amplified. To sum up, full on flight mode! I didn't sleep well last night, I … Continue reading Hard-wired on Haywire

“Normal” – The most Dangerous Word – Part 1

It's 9:08am here in Oddity-land. I have spent the last hour and eight minutes biting my tongue and inwardly seething at every word spoken by my racist; privileged; idiotic and entirely infuriating co-workers since I walked in the door this morning. The topics of "discussion" this morning so far have included: George Floyd (and his … Continue reading “Normal” – The most Dangerous Word – Part 1

Broken like so many stacked Crackers

Stacked... then Broken Having a VERY bad day. Anxiety level is through the roof. Shaking hands, stuttering, brain fog, the lot! In a strange period of time where I believe I must have disassociated, I found myself feeling like a stack of crushed crackers... Every time a new thought/idea/feeling arrived on the cracker stack... CRUNCH... … Continue reading Broken like so many stacked Crackers