Growing Strong – House Tyrell

Though I usually prefer to think of myself as a House Stark girl it has to be said those High-born Highgardeners have good words to go with this quote... The Japanese historically use Gold to repair broken pottery, they say it enhances the beauty of the item and shows its story. I feel this has … Continue reading Growing Strong – House Tyrell

We shall not see his like again

I still struggle to comprehend how a man as extraordinary as Robin Williams could have suffered so much, for so long, that he felt suicide was his only option... A truly Great man, committed always to the well-being and entertainment of others whilst feeling empty and devoid of love for himself. He has starred in … Continue reading We shall not see his like again

When Anxiety takes over Oddity-land…

Aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!! What a day! A rollercoaster with loops, vertical drops and corkscrews... Firstly, oh my Gods it's hot! Like WAAAAAAY too hot for us. Apparently Brit's don't deal well with any kind of mildly Extreme weather! I do believe this has contributed slightly to my heightened state of anxiety, but it is certainly ruling the … Continue reading When Anxiety takes over Oddity-land…

Broken Crayons

What a tough weekend... One I hope not to repeat... I do currently feel rather broken, trying to remember this sort of positive sentiment to get me through till bedtime... You are all stronger than whatever seeks to undo you. Share a little love today, you never know who might need it Luna xx