Huddled in the Dark

The title to this post is more a description of my current position than any clever metaphor I could come up with... So yes, I am huddled on the sofa, under a blanket. In the same place I have been for the last 3 hours... And the room has darkened around me. The curtain isn't … Continue reading Huddled in the Dark

Eternal Sleep

Greetings from my sofa, I present to you my super-tired self. Suffering from Depression, Anxiety and BPD I expect to feel tired... But I am currently finding myself permanently exhausted. I had to ring in to work this morning. Gave them a physical illness to say I couldn't make it in this morning. I don't … Continue reading Eternal Sleep

The Freedom of an Organised Mind

I'm feeling a different vibe today! Good vibes are in the air for certain. I have been thinking for a while about some small tasks I need to complete with regards to home improvements, medical appointments and checking bills and alternative service providers, but life always has a way of pushing these things further and … Continue reading The Freedom of an Organised Mind

“I think they call it an Epiphany… And that’s a big word!”

Evening! This comes to you super late and from my bed as I have just had an aforementioned Epiphany! On a side note in case the title quote isn't familiar to you, it's from a song by my favourite band of all time "Bowling for Soup" based in Houston Texas! Big shout out to you … Continue reading “I think they call it an Epiphany… And that’s a big word!”