Common Sense my Arse!

Hello my beloved friends and readers, I have been meaning to write for some time, especially during the UK Lockdown period (during which I was at home, my workplace having closed). Unfortunately, like with many other people, my Mental Health took a nosedive and I spiralled down into a nocturnal "sleep n snack" lifestyle. Not … Continue reading Common Sense my Arse!

Off you Fuck

Ok, first of all, hi everyone. I know I've been off the radar for a while. It's hectic here in Oddity-land and today I am in sensory overload mode and I am not coping well at all. EVERYTHING HURTS Too loudToo smellyToo brightToo annoying Everything is just TOO MUCH! My colleagues are in danger of … Continue reading Off you Fuck

Technophobes and the impending Zombie apocalypse

Hello again, happy non-holiday makers... I am learning loads... Mostly how glad I am that I moved out from my mum and dad's. I WANT TO GO HOME! We are currently moving to a different area of France using the Sat-nav for guidance. The Sat-nav that is built into Dad's super-duper clever car. The problem … Continue reading Technophobes and the impending Zombie apocalypse