Dermatillomania and Me

I have never spoken about this before. This is quite a new and raw topic for me (in some places literally). For those of you who do not know, Dermatillomania is a skin-picking disorder often associated with Anxiety which can cause simple blemishes or small scabs to become deep, painful wounds through the process of … Continue reading Dermatillomania and Me

Drunk on Emotions

It's night time. I should be asleep; work beckons come sunrise... I've been at home the last few days unwell (not the C-virus, thanks for asking). I feel physically better but mentally all messed up. I have so many questions without answers. That's hard to live with. Most of them the BIG questions beyond our … Continue reading Drunk on Emotions

Smashed Screens, Children’s Puzzles and Alan Turing

The Imitation Game. What a game it is. Or was. Perhaps still going on... Who truly knows..? I write to you today from a new screen. My phone had an altercation with the kitchen floor and decidedly came off worse. So here we are, new screen to ensure my continued connection to the digital world … Continue reading Smashed Screens, Children’s Puzzles and Alan Turing

Broken like so many stacked Crackers

Stacked... then Broken Having a VERY bad day. Anxiety level is through the roof. Shaking hands, stuttering, brain fog, the lot! In a strange period of time where I believe I must have disassociated, I found myself feeling like a stack of crushed crackers... Every time a new thought/idea/feeling arrived on the cracker stack... CRUNCH... … Continue reading Broken like so many stacked Crackers