Beauty in Music For anyone having a bad day thinking they can't do it (whatever it may be) anymore. Please close your eyes and listen to this song. Please do not judge it by title or appearance but listen to the words. This comes from (I feel) a very underrated film. In all the lists I have … Continue reading Beauty in Music

My self-care weekend

I made a promise to myself during my worst days of depression, anxiety and isolation last year that when I was able to look up towards the light and the future I would make myself a priority. Self-care, in other words. Actively practicing and acknowledging the need to care for and love myself. After a … Continue reading My self-care weekend

When Life seems Tough, go play Ping-Pong in a Gale!

Successfully survived my first day back at work! I decided to make today an experiment in emotional "tracking". I find myself experiencing all sorts of emotions; positive and negative and some downright bonkersĀ  but I have become aware that I am focusing too heavily on the negative emotions heightened by my depression and anxiety! By … Continue reading When Life seems Tough, go play Ping-Pong in a Gale!