Splitting Ends

Greetings from the other side of the Mountain friends! Sorry to have been away so long but my Mental Health took such a dip I went internal and am only just starting to re-emerge as a new (and hopefully healthier and stronger) reincarnation of Luna. I have taken some much needed time off work (to my bosses dismay and shock) and I have returned to them purely to maintain the payments for my mortgage… I am hunting for a new job still and hope to be employed elsewhere (or maybe training for something new) soon!

So much has happened since the last time I sat down to write that I really don’t know where to begin, if at all! Is it worth reminiscing over a months worth of poor mental health?

YES. Ok, not quite like delving into the quagmire of depression but there were certainly some light points in amongst the dark times and those are worth noting, documenting and remembering! Especially should I fall into darkness again, I will have these memories to look back on…

Family time. So precious. So underappreciated, squandered or put off till later… I am extremely lucky to have a family that loves me dearly and try their best to help me (even when some don’t fully understand what’s wrong). As per a tradition my parents have started since retiring, they go to see my paternal Aunt and Uncle once a week so they can enjoy mutual hobbies as men and women, then come back together in the evening for a meal and some quality time. Why is this relevant? Well, during the time I was off work, my task was to conquer my anxiety and not recede inwards too much. My parents very helpfully offered me outings and meals with them to save me from my usual lonely existence. One such outing, was this regular family day out. Four became five for a few weeks and what wonderful days out they were!

A break from writing; time for healing…

I am back again… I think… determined to actually publish a post. Out of all the “odds and sods” I have written since September this is the post that seems most appropriate to me right now.

Still healing; still job hunting; still trying to find my purpose in all the madness…

I truly hope to be back to writing more regularly as a method of helping me arrange my mind.

Oddity Readers… thank you for being here on this journey with me. All my love, Luna xXx