Give Boosters like Smiles

I found this on my Facebook feed earlier this week but it related as someone at work had asked me something to this effect a few weeks ago after having heard me compliment a customer on their Doc Marten Boots. I am a huge fan of them so of course I was going to give a fellow wearer a compliment on their awesome choice!

This co-worker simply couldn’t understand why I’d done it, just repeating “but you wouldn’t expect someone to say that to you in the street…” I tried to explain that it’s that exact way of thinking that causes so many social issues and anxieties these days. We see so many people being criticised for fashion choices, life choices etc etc!

Why can’t we just give each other a bloody break?!?!?!

I will keep complimenting people where I see awesome things to comment on; a Bus Driver’s awesome painted finger nails; a girl’s rainbow perm hairstyle in the street… Give it a go everyone, a stranger’s smile is so heartwarming! Build someone up today, you never know how much someone may need/appreciate it.

Love a little more, fight against hatred/injustice wherever you see it. Be awesome human beings!

All my love friends, you’re awesome!

Luna Xx

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