Norwegians, Nincompoops and a Nervous Meltdown

Well, it’s Friday again everybody, surely a cause for celebration amongst most of the 9-5ers amongst us! The weekend looms with freedom and hopefully some rest to recharge. I seem to be being put to the test this morning, being made to thoroughly earn my weekend… We open at 8am every morning, at 8:01am the buzzer goes to announce the arrival of a Norwegian delegation at the door all wanting to place orders and get sorted out all at the same time. Unfortunately, I have only one set of hands, one set of eyes and one mouth to answer queries… The mouth I’m sad to say does not speak Norwegian… To address the Nincompoops, i.e. my colleagues! They literally SAT and WATCHED, whilst I struggled with a language barrier, four customers at once, and a barrage of garbled questions, whilst deciphering who was talking to me and who were just talking between themselves in rapid Norwegian!!! Like seriously?!?! So much for fucking team work! Even just taking down names and address would have been helpful, I didn’t have a clue who was who or what anyone wanted to order :S

I now find myself sitting answering the usual idiotic questions (like I have done every day for the last year, wondering if their brains will EVER absorb any information), with a strong stress toy being put well through its paces!! Anyone got a bottle of Gin they could give me? (just for medicinal purposes of course) 😉

Having written the above a couple of hours ago, I am relieved to write that things have calmed somewhat here in Oddity-land… I have been reciting Riddles from Harry Potter to myself in my head as it sounds fantastic hearing words come out of my mouth that I can internally hear as Stephen Fry! 😂

I have also decided in my infinite wisdom that this afternoon shall be a gaming afternoon! Haven’t gotten on to my for MONTHS, but I have just remembered a means by which I could play my games in the living room instead!! *Mind blown* so quite excited to hopefully get that working! Maybe some Assassin’s Creed time? That’d be awesome!

Hope your day has been less rollercoaster-esque than mine thus far, have a fantabulous weekend everyone!! Luna Xx

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