Rolling with Rowling

What an amazing human being she is… How many millions of people take solace and find wonder in the world she has created?! I am one such lucky individual. During my darkest days her world provides me with hope and a place to feel at home. Her stories will forever hold a place in my heart that no other realm can fill.

As I go through my adult life, I find more references to things that may have influenced the creation of the Wizarding World, the latest of which being an online article relating to the Church of St. Mungo’s! I had no idea the wizarding hospital was named after an actual Saint! I just thought it was a very clever name that she’d invented or seen in some other context! Mind. Blown!

I know this post is likely never to be read by the lady herself but I wish to say the largest thank you of my life, to you Joanne Rowling, for all the love and joy you have put into this world by creating your own.

Hope your weekends are going swimmingly however you are spending them today! With love, respect and admiration for all we do every day, I bid you farewell for today!

A Ravenclaw, a friend. Luna Xx

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