We shall not see his like again

I still struggle to comprehend how a man as extraordinary as Robin Williams could have suffered so much, for so long, that he felt suicide was his only option… A truly Great man, committed always to the well-being and entertainment of others whilst feeling empty and devoid of love for himself.

He has starred in some of my all-time favourite films, in varied roles, not all of them as the comedian he is best known for… “Bangerang”, “Oh Captain my Captain”, “it will be alright Poppet”… 😢

His life is over.

His story cut short.

We shall never forget the love he gave to the world. He gave until his cup was empty. I strive every day now to ensure my cup always is filled, so I can keep giving.

RIP my hero. My Captain. My Genie. Fly through Neverland, never to grow old as we who are left to grow old.

Yours in grief… Luna

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