Excavation, Unlearning and Returning

Hello again all, Luna here. I sincerely hope this finds you well and in a good state of being.

I came across this today on my Facebook feed and I nearly cried at the honesty and truth of these words. “Finding yourself” is a phrase we use so often, when we’ve been through a hard time or are trying to reinvent ourselves… But I’ve realised that simply isn’t true… The REAL you is always there, is always with you; we are just conditioned to hide our true selves under social norms, peer pressure and cultural expectations.

How awful that so many of us can lose our sparkle so early and have it buried so deep it can take decades to excavate to the surface again… We all have something that makes us who we are, WHY the HELL are we so easily pressured into dimming our light so we can all appear more similar??

I feel this has resonated so strongly with me as I have been on a journey of “self-discovery” over the past year and having read that, realised it’s actually been self-RE-discovery. I’ve always been me, an oddity, a nerd, a geek, so when did I start feeling the need to apologise for being myself?? In a strange turn of events I’ve found that one of my main ways of showing my true self loudly and proudly is through my fashion choices… For anyone who actually knows the REAL Luna, I am NOT a fashionista, a model or great with on-trend! With the discovery of a wonderful brand of Tights (Snag Tights, they actually fit, PLEASE look them up, their colours are incredible!) And some new dresses/longline tops, I’ve almost done a 180° spin on my usual method of expressing myself. Jeans and a hoody has become coloured tights with different coloured Doc Martens and a jazzy dress or top with some nerdy accessories! WOW! I thought I’d hate being looked at, but actually, being looked at for being myself feels so much better than being looked at and feeling miserable about the way I look… My body still leaves much to be desired, but at least I am wearing it honestly.

I love finding a quote that stirs up so many ideas and feelings for a blog post like this. I was considering just having an early night tonight but I now feel I have achieved something worthwhile. I have taken some time for my own mind. To reflect, unburn and share my mind with you.

I’d love to hear your stories of re-discovery or any other thoughts/interpretations you might have on this post! Genuinely gives me such a buzz to read something you have to say! 😊😊

Can’t tell you how much better I feel for having shared this with you all… Self-care exercise for today is most definitely complete.

Sincere and genuine love to all of you. Thank you for continuing to make my blogging journey a pleasure and an excavation of the real Luna, you’re all Amazing!!

Until next time mes Amis, au revoir!

Luna xXx

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