Moral Dilemma!

Hey all, I need some advice!

At work yesterday we found out that the remaining founder of the business has passed away. I have heard that the current directors (my bosses) are planning to close the business on the day of the funeral.

My Dilemma is this: having never (not once even in passing) met this woman, should I feel obligated to attend? I know a lot of my colleagues will be attending as they worked under her and knew her well. As a person I have NEVER met I feel that is disrespectful to sit at a funeral knowing everyone around you is grieving and uniting in their loss and sharing memories, when I have nothing to contribute?!

Does anyone have any thoughts, I REALLY neee some help on this one. Please comment below with your thoughts if it was you in my place. All opinions welcome!

Luna x

2 thoughts on “Moral Dilemma!

  1. I’d say it would be a nice gesture to go, just as a small sign of appreciation to the person for founding the company that employs you. Honestly, these things can have a political element too, where bosses remember who was at the funeral when time for raises or a promotion comes around.

    No need to put on any false airs about being horribly distraught or anything. If it were me and anybody asked, I’d just reply “I didn’t know her at all, but with all the did for the company and meant to others there, being here was the right thing to do.”

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  2. I agree with Silk Cords. It’s a nice gesture to go. I always think it’s sort of honouring to a person if their funeral is busy. It’s kind of sad if there’s not many there. Although you didn’t know her I guess you sort of worked for her. That’s enough reason to show up.


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