When Anxiety takes over Oddity-land…


What a day! A rollercoaster with loops, vertical drops and corkscrews…

Firstly, oh my Gods it’s hot! Like WAAAAAAY too hot for us. Apparently Brit’s don’t deal well with any kind of mildly Extreme weather!

I do believe this has contributed slightly to my heightened state of anxiety, but it is certainly ruling the roost in my head tonight ☹️

I went on a date on Saturday! (It is relevant to this post I promise) Ever since I have been wondering if he genuinely enjoyed the time he spent with me… Did he like me? Was he just being kind? Does he pull this face πŸ˜’πŸ™„ when I message him? Did I say/do something to put him off without realising it? I hope he wasn’t just humouring me… I know I’m overweight and that can be off-putting, did it bother him? Did he think I was repulsive?? 😡😭

This constant barrage of thoughts has been plaguing me… It won’t stop! I feel like I’ve gone insane with worry… I sent a (hopefully) rationalised version of some of these worries in a message to him earlier… Still hasn’t read it…

Does that mean he’s ignoring me? Or he’s trying to tell me to leave him alone??!?!

Omgomgomgomg everything hurts, please make it STOP!! My head can’t take it!

Any words of sanity, calm or logic would be greatly loved as all of the above have abandoned me in my spiralling out of control head!


Please help… I can’t cope with so many thoughts… My heart is racing, I can’t focus…


End… Please… Let it end…

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