No Regrets!

What a weekend! Been to see the new Lion King film (amazing re-make, go see it you won’t regret it!) As first dates go, a cinema trip, meal for two and a night out at our mutual favourite nightclub is a damn good way to start!

Since then, my conduct of agreeing to so many activities on a first date has been questioned by friends and colleagues… And I have to wonder why it matters?? (Especially to other people!) I took a chance that spending a day with someone new (whom I’d enjoyed speaking to all week on a large variety of mutually enjoyable topics) would be a nicer way to spend a Saturday than staying at home on my own as I normally would.

I had a blast! No regrets whatsoever. He was a complete gentleman and we had a great time doing things together that we both enjoy! What on Earth is wrong with that?!

I saw this quote online earlier today and after hearing some of the “advice” on offer, I feel this extremely valid.

Everything I did was exactly what I wanted.

Don’t let anyone convince you that taking chances is a bad thing. If we never take a chance to make a change, then we will always have what we have always gotten.

(P.s as I write this post my gentleman friend has just messaged me and it has lightened my heart significantly! Definitely NO REGRETS!)

Live your best life! Until next time dear friends, Luna. Xxx

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