The Pet Peeves of an Oddity

Hello again Readers, it’s Luna here! I am currently stuck in a Groundhog of a week that stretches on endlessly before me so I thought I would jump on the “Pet Peeve” bandwagon doing the rounds at the moment to help pass the time!

“So, What’s winding up Luna???”
  • People who leave their personal mobile phones on loud in the work place. Disrespectful, distracting and unprofessional.
  • Feet. Specifically people who feel the need to show their feet (usually nasty feet too) in public spaces where they aren’t wanted. e.g. busses, in shops, at my workplace. Keep those inside shoes for all our sakes.
  • Slow Thinkers. This one may sound harsh, but I have no tolerance for people who don’t take in information or instructions when they are given clearly. My colleague Quasi (previously mentioned in past posts) stares blankly at me telling her the answer to the latest mundane and simple question she has asked me. She then repeats my words back to me slightly differently and SUPER SLOWLY! I know what I said, I just told you! Just write it down or tell the customer, don’t repeat it to me!
  • People that read signs/notices aloud when both parties are reading them. We are not children, I can read in my head, please do the same.
  • Personal Space Invaders! This is a HUGE one for me. If I have not invited you into this bubble and you haven’t entered accidentally (e.g. passing through a crowded street) then back the hell away! Quasi is guilty here too, she’ll hover over my shoulder if I’m checking details for her and it’s literally, “you asked me for help, I am helping. DO NOT stand so close that I can barely concentrate/feel the need to physically move away.”
  • Animal bullies 😡 I dislike all bullies in all their forms, but people who shout at their pets, frighten them or intentionally make their lives dark are a special kind of cruel. You’ve gotten a new puppy and are surprised that it doesn’t behave like an adult dog when you’re walking it in a crowded place?? Have you taken the time to train it properly? No! You’re just shouting at it for something it can’t help!!

Ok, I think that needs to be the point where this post comes to an end or else this could get nasty!

Wishing everyone a WONDERFUL weekend (I’m going on a first date later!)

Let your weirdness shine! It’s what makes you, YOU!

Luna xxxx

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