Attack of the Cheese Dreams

I didn’t sleep well last night. Not at all. The reason I have concluded in short… Cheese before Bed is a Mahoosive No-no!!!

Literally spent the entire night in my subconscious sleeping brain, running between my bedroom window, the front door and the back door (which had somehow turned into a walled/trellised fairy garden…) whilst Burglars attempt to gain entry via any means possible! I am tired to the point of exhausted after all that mental stress and yet here I sit at work, bored out of my mind and quite relieved to have this opportunity to vent a little.

I am quite the sceptic when it comes to dream interpretation and whether our sub-conscious tells us hidden messages through visions/dreams/nightmares… However, this is the second time I have had a nightmare on this theme within a week. The previous being a similar scenario at my parents home…

All of the above is actually writing of a few weeks ago… I have discovered I am the starter of many posts, but the publisher of very few by comparison!! In an attempt to counteract this, I am consciously going back through my Draft posts and completing them whilst adding something relevant to the original theme.

My reason for returning to this specific post today? Too much Cheese yesterday!!

Just before bed… again… apparently I am rather slow at learning my lessons regarding tasty cheese snacks (in this case a nice warming Cheese Toasty) within an hour of bed time…

Last nights dream theme was more to do with current Oddity-life affairs; in this case the turbulent relationship I am having with my Father. Anyone who has read my posts before may remember some months ago I had “Daddy issues” that were (I thought) resolved with the help of a Counsellor whilst undergoing therapy for my Mental Health problems. Unfortunately, my more recent signs of improvement have lead to a relapse in my Dad’s cold and degrading behaviour towards me following a simple error on the part of one of my friends.

I have been told that some Father-Daughter relationships are always turbulent, I hope this is not the case. I love my Dad and I want to be close to him. He makes this near impossible by the standards he holds me to and the fact we clash heads spectacularly over very small slights.

Metaphorical Dad and Me. A female with a fine set of Antlers! We clash in style!

His stubborn streak is one I have inherited and now I have moved out of the family home I can stand my ground on matters regarding my own feelings and the way I am treated. As you can probably guess based on what you have just read that this often ends badly.

Ok, enough of my family problems for now, I have enjoyed completing this post but it definitely leaves me to say…


May your dreams be un-cheesed and untroubled.

Until next time Oddity-fans – Luna

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