Abscondination and my Alternate Universe

Hello again fellow blogger-humanoids!

Today, during my lunch-break in the Sun, a thought re-occurred to me, one that has been flitting around the edges of my brain for a while now… If I had my own version of the Universe that runs pretty much parallel to our own, what changes would I make to improve the World for “the greater good” (or just to remove a few pet peeves…)?

A dangerous topic for sure, letting your brain fully run wild with all manner of different topics allowing you to make all your own hypothetical changes based on your own upbringing, political leanings, biases and personal experiences… However, as this blog has no power to change anything at all, it can’t hurt to explore the far-reaching pockets of thought that are rarely explored, can it?

I appreciate this post could turn into something of a novel, depending on how far my mind chooses to wander, however I hope you’re willing to wander the garden path of an oddity with me for while. Who knows, you may like some of the sproutlings we find along the way!

So… firstly, something that has been on my mind a lot recently given the UK’s current political climate (in hot water, for those unaware of our fun and games); the Voting System! I understand the basics of a democracy, but when political matters get this idiotic I feel my alternative universe offers a much better system! In Luna-land, all young people would take an aptitude test during their 17th year to determine if they have sufficient intelligence to vote. Those who pass are auto-enrolled for Postal Voting. Opting out or other options are then to be done by the individual once they have come of age. This group of individuals is then allowed to vote for the next 10 years; at which time they are required to re-take the aptitude test, to ensure a sufficient IQ level to make an informed decision. Those who fail, are required to re-take the test at 23. Failing the test removes you from the electoral roll until the next time you have successfully completed the test. 10 year re-testing ensures continued intellectual stability.

Based on the disastrous Brexit facade I feel some form of intellectual baseline is required! Having the right to vote, believing in fake-news and the inability to discover the truth is a seriously worrying combination to me. I know this type of view possibly comes across quite elitist but I believe having a mandatory test at 18 still gives room for a hugely diverse electorate from different backgrounds, ethnicities and political leanings.

Ok, Politics over. No-one loves talking about that particular Turkey too long. Another close to home topic for me at the moment is stupidity. In previous posts I have given you a flavour of the general intellectual level of my colleagues… Their stupidity is genuinely distressing. In my universe, stupidity is a crime worthy of segregation from those of higher intelligence. Imagine all the great minds of the world, past and present… In the same community working towards improvements for the Earth and all living things. Scientists; Environmentalists; Doctors and so many more outstanding minds all together working for a common goal!

Now for a lighter topic. Feet. They carry a lot of weight do our human feet. But unfortunately this great burden does not excuse their icky-ness! No excuse going is sufficient for me to accept seeing these floor-touching germ fields in public places, the workplace, or pretty much anywhere! 😂 Luna-land has a visual feet ban in all places other than private homes.

I could keep writing topic after topic on this post for weeks to come! I’ll leave it there for now, but you can bet your boots (even if you don’t own any) that this theme will continue!

Do good things today. Smile at a stranger; give someone a compliment; lend a hand to someone in need. You can make more of a difference than you can possibly imagine. And that’s in THIS Universe, not my imaginary one.

Be better than you were yesterday, if you’re having a hard time. I KNOW you can do the thing, regardless of how big/small it may seem.

Luna Xxx

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