Back to Rhombus One

The saying usually goes “back to square one”… Not today… Squares are nice; they’re regular; fit in boxes and by definition are well known to all of us here.

Those of you who have bravely swam with me through murky Oddity-waters thus far may remember that I have previously had problems with my Father. We have a fairly volatile relationship due to a serious stubborn streak (runs in the family) and when we clash heads it is truly a spectacle.

To cut out a tedious and fairly incomprehensible story short, my father arrived at my home to pick up my mum and take her home. He was here no longer than 5 minutes and managed to insult my morals; my decency as a human being and didn’t even give me the opportunity to defend myself. I will not be spoken to like that, not by him and especially not in MY OWN HOME. I have NEVER been more hurt by him in longer than I can remember. I do not even recognise that person as my own father; my blood; a man of whom I have always been supremely proud.

I made myself very vulnerable as a peace offering a few months ago. I wrote out a long speech to my parents and read it to them to express how much I have struggled and how I don’t feel I can confide in them. Since that time mostly things have been much better. Until today. My counsellor focused on my “father-daughter” relationship issues a lot during my time with her, unfortunately the issues are certainly not resolved.

In an attempt to calm my currently Rhombus-shaped self and remind me how far I’ve come I watched one of the most underrated films of all time. I can guarantee most of you have never even heard of it, let alone seen it. Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium. What an amazing film. The magic and power of self-belief! Speaking as someone who has battled anxiety, depression amongst other mental health issues, this film allows you to go on a journey to find your sparkle.

You are a block of wood. There are millions of things you could think to do with a block of wood, but wouldn’t it be amazing if someone just believed in it. What wonders it could achieve, if someone, just, believed.

I’ll sign off there for tonight as I’ve got work to get back to in the morning.

To all you blocks of wood out there, go watch Mr M’s Wonder Emporium and know that I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Luna xx

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