Butter Beer for thought…

Calling ALL Harry Potter enthusiasts!

Luna here again, for the first time with something truly relating to my Name’s inspiration!

I am currently listening to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on audiobook (read by Stephen Fry, a MASTERPIECE). I have just heard the scene where Snape has revealed himself to the occupants of the Shrieking Shack and indicates that Lupin may also be “kissed” by the Dementors surrounding Hogwarts.

This got me thinking…

Remus Lupin is a Werewolf. He was bitten as a child and as a result transforms into a monster every full moon.

If in an alternate Harry Potter-verse where Lupin had suffered the Dementors kiss… Would he still become a Werewolf every month???

Ok now your brains are all going at top speed, here are my thoughts:

  • If the body is blighted by a disease or illness, surely the ailment would still exist regardless of the state of the soul??
  • It is stated that when one turns into a Werewolf you no longer remember who you are. So surely a body exposed to moonlight would still react the same way?
  • An alternative example could be a severe allergy e.g. nut allergy. A living body would still have the same allergic reaction to consumption of nuts regardless of the status of the soul or conscious self. A person in a coma with an allergy to bee stings would still react the same to a sting the same as they would if they were conscious
  • Moving back to Remus Lupin. If he was soulless and exposed to the full moon, would the wolf act the same as before the soul was removed?


Seriously though, would love to hear anyone’s thoughts, I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to think about it in detail!

Right. Go have some Fire Whiskey or a Gilli-water and ponder this as I am with my Butter Beer…

Much love from a thoughtful Ravenclaw… If this was a common room question I’d be stood outside for quite a while I think!

Luna xXx

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