A lesson in Self-worth… Right in the ‘feels’

Hi everyone, Luna here once again finally making some time to slow down and think. Taking some self-care time I suppose you might say.

I spotted this video on my Facebook newsfeed just now and it may as well have walked in the room and punched me in the face as that’s how shocked and saddened I am by it. I know I really struggle with my self-esteem and confidence, have done for a long time but hearing the way this conversation is played out literally brought me to tears.

Here’s the link to the video before I go on to explain any further, please take two minutes out of your day to watch it. For a clip from a TV show, I’m shocked at my reaction to it.

Ok. So you’ve watched it. Thank you for doing that with me. How did you feel watching it? I’d love to know your thoughts and reactions in the comments so please leave one if you have time!

The idea of sitting in a room with my 9 year old self and telling her all the things I say to myself and to other people about myself is abhorrent!! I couldn’t say to her that she’s a disappointment to her family, will never be good enough and will always be outshone… That she’s fat, not worth loving and a waste of space! How cruel it is that we can so easily get into the habit of being so detrimental to ourselves… And how normal that is… With the media always showing us who and what we “should” be like…

Next time the voice in my head starts to say things like that, I’ll definitely be sending forth my childhood self to receive the messages… Maybe then the messages might be kinder.

I hope this has given you something to think about, I know it certainly has for me!

I’m hoping to continue with my self-care evening by going out with my camera to a local wildlife park. Spend some time on enjoying nature, learning and improving skills. On a Sunny evening like this, what could be better?!

Here’s a recent photo I took of one of my Strawberry plants, I am really beginning to love Macro photography and how focussing on something so small can look so detailed.

Be kind to your childhood selves today. It might make you kinder to your adult self tomorrow…

Sending love to all who need it, hope to speak to you all again soon.

Luna Xxx

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