Shame, Shampoo and Soggy Ceilings

I came across this post in my drafts from some time ago, I think it was during my holidays where I had next to no signal to post updates! So here is an excerpt from the mind of an oddity during the night! I hope you enjoy it, I certainly had a giggle reading such lunacy back to myself!

“Good morning wonderful people!

What a peculiar night I’ve had, but strangely can’t remember that clearly!

I’ve often had peculiar dreams before but last night was a showreel of crazy even by my own standards!!

A few that I can remember flow somewhat as follows…

  • I’m in the Hogwarts grounds with Hermione Granger and a Werewolf is loose in the grounds, a scene with lots of running and checking doors/windows… Yikes!
  • I’m part of a large team of girls who are in competition against a group of guys. Object of the game, to come up with random things to do then all be doing that thing simultaneously… E.g. pretending to be sandwiches by lying on the floor in pairs holding eachother 😵
  • My parents signed us up to go on a 2 week trip to Spain for the purpose of trying out huge amounts of different Shampoos and Conditioners! This is for a TV show being hosted by Jeremy Clarkson and I had to perform some live music for him from the kitchen of my parents house… How mortifying!
  • Also based in my childhood bedroom, my ceiling was leaking badly.”

So there you have it! An oddity brain strikes again! Good night to you all, or good morning if your time zone prefers it 😊

Ta ta for now, Luna xx

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