On this perfect day…

Well according to the song they do say “on this perfect day, nothing’s standing in my way” or that “nothing can go wrong”. Well I’m not so sure that either of those statements are true but after having my emotional state go up and down, round and round and spun around like a professional yo-yo it certainly seems like a different kind of a day!

I’m not proud to say I couldn’t face going to work this morning. I’ve been doing so well on going in and being on time (thanks to a local taxi company’s availability and ability to charge me a substantial amount every day to get to work on time). Things haven’t been perfect but I’ve been there. Go me! However this morning… Nope. With an extra helping of HELL NO on the side to be safe.

I felt bad but had a plan! Last time I started to have a slight meltdown my mum came over to see me and we deep cleaned my home from top to bottom. That’s all we did all day. My thinking was to do the same thing today! Clean away the problems… Bleach, polish and hoover those negative feelings back wherever the fuck they came from! However once again, my brains response when faced with this (quite frankly brilliant) solution was once again… NOPE. I have slept A LOT… and ordered take out to save my poor unfortunate brain from the painful task of cooking.

So yes.

Here I now sit, having watched a girly chick flick to (try to) improve my mood and my dump site, sorry that should have read house, is just as bad as when I woke up this morning… Hells bells my mental health problems can shove off and go find the dark side of the moon today please!

In other gloriously positive news some relatives of mine are in the area for the week. Staying at my parents house… Another additive to my unhappiness level. Any “Uncle” of mine that wants me to stand up so he can “check” if my ass is the same as his wife’s can crawl back into whatever hole he crawled out of please. Totally gross.

In need of some seriously positive thoughts, a button to stop time and the ability to clean the house by snapping my fingers like Mary Poppins! I’d even sing to get the job done!

From an extremely confused, concerned and emotionally confounded me, much love to all, praying your relatives are less creepy than mine!

Luna Xx

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