Off you Fuck

Ok, first of all, hi everyone. I know I’ve been off the radar for a while. It’s hectic here in Oddity-land and today I am in sensory overload mode and I am not coping well at all.


  • Too loud
  • Too smelly
  • Too bright
  • Too annoying

Everything is just TOO MUCH!

My colleagues are in danger of being thrown out of the windows because of their unyielding stupidity, ability to annoy me and general lack of memory to the point of me nearly screaming. I purposely write out sheets of information and distribute them so that knowledge is freely available without having to be asked CONSTANTLY… However, apparently that was a waste of time, as I’m still being asked anyway!!!

I am literally within two more shouts of my name away from going up to a colleague and saying “you know when you say my name I want to kill myself” That is how bad it is.

Imagine a toddler in the annoying stage where they say Mum, Mummy, Mam, Muuuummmmmm, Mummyyyyyyyyy 24/7. That is where we’re at today.

Hell on Earth…

Please send patience, sanity and Gin Northwards with all haste!!

All out for now, Luna x

5 thoughts on “Off you Fuck

    1. Very true Laura! Definitely hadn’t taken the horror of Prison Orange into my calculations! 😂 Managed to make it home murder free so I’m taking that as a victory! Thanks for your comment, made me laugh, quite possibly the first time today! So cheers for being awesome! Luna Xxx


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