Bless the Motherland

I’m back!! Terra Firma! Bless the Motherland! What a long fortnight it has been without the connection to my blog, my coping mechanism and the regular readers/fellow bloggers I have come to rely on every day!

Having just disembarked from the ferry back in the UK we have a long drive North to get home again.

Here is one of the unedited photo’s from my trip, I’ve loved playing around with my camera and all the filters etc, I’ll attach a few more in due course! My macro lens is definitely my favourite so far, getting some fantastic close-ups of flowers and plants, let me know what you think!

I have definitely enjoyed my break away and exploring new places but by all the Gods I am pleased to be going home to my own bed tonight.

In other news I have a job interview tomorrow! WOOHOO! Please keep everything crossed for me as I am desperate to be able to leave my current position. I have no experience for this new role but they say full training is provided, really very excited about it.

Anyone have any interview tips they could share with me? I haven’t done for a while!

I know technically that photo is of mould growth on a tree but don’t you agree there is a certain beauty about it? I liked it anyway!

So pleased to be back with you all, please leave a comment on anything to do with this post! Photographs, job interviews or just a welcome back!

Many fondest greetings,


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