Technophobes and the impending Zombie apocalypse

Hello again, happy non-holiday makers… I am learning loads… Mostly how glad I am that I moved out from my mum and dad’s. I WANT TO GO HOME! We are currently moving to a different area of France using the Sat-nav for guidance. The Sat-nav that is built into Dad’s super-duper clever car. The problem is the co-pilot. Mum in other words. She is stubbornly trying to read a stupidly small scale road map and tries to give directions to the driver… When we already have a perfectly good route calculated for us. We have so far gone in the wrong direction THREE times, making for approximately 45km of additional travel on an already tedious journey. How difficult is it to read a screen built-in to the car and follow it’s bloody instructions?!?!?!? Anxiety and frustration levels are through the roof and I want very strongly to throw myself out of this car to give my brain a break!!!!!

Right now… We are now on our SECOND “I can’t believe this is the right route stop” and a journey that was supposed to take 5 hours from 9:30am is now due to take at least another 3 hours!!! I am sick sick SICK!

Help, I’m on holiday, GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!


Send reinforcements, anyone in the France area of the world, can I please come stay with you??? I’ll find a train station somewhere.

In other news it turns out no-one actually lives in rural France, haven’t seen normal people in days, completely certain that if there is a zombie apocalypse then this will most definitely be the starting point… Everyone’s already dead…

Send any positive thoughts and happenings where you are, I could really use some positivity to brighten up this depression-session.

Long-suffering Luna 😞

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