Notre vacances en France!

Bonjour mes Amis!

Ok enough French for now. Well never has the start of a two week holiday started with less of a bang. Two days travel by car/overnight ferry to so far have visited two supermarkets, one being a Lidl! (We know how to live dangerously)

I realised on agreeing to a family holiday in my late 20’s might not be the most exciting adventure I’ve ever had but so far I could have stayed at home and had more excitement… I live alone to give you an idea of my usual crazy social interaction level.

My mum and my aunt are currently sloth-shopping which is not only infuriating but excruciatingly boring… If I wanted to do the equivalent of an old lady shop I could go to my local supermarket and watch a plethora and not have to take part!

My Dad and uncle ran off to a tool shop (typical manly pursuit) then chivvy’d the women to finish faster.

Thankfully the evening has been more entertaining. Cheap (but seriously good) Rosé wine by the bottle full and some more normal looking food (no seafood or cheese course in sight) has improved my mood significantly!

My Uncle even proved a good debating partner on the subject of Brexit! Everyone else was bored stiff but I found his views frankly fascinating!

Seriously hoping to get outside with my camera tomorrow as I’m itching to try it out! There’s some beautiful plants and scenery here.

Bon voyage for now readers! I’ll get this post online as soon as I can!

Beaucoup d’amour à tout!

Luna Xxxx

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