Being Backed into a Corner

Hello again everyone!

Today should be a happy one of packing and excitement leading up to my coming holiday next week. However, thanks to my boss at work (who herein shall be known as Frollo) sending me a disgusting email following a “discussion” earlier this week.

I suffer from mental health problems. This some of you may already know. This blog was started as a coping mechanism to help me deal with emotion and stress. Days like today make me extremely grateful for this platform.

Towards the back end of last year I suffered from a mental breakdown (looking back on it, that’s the only way I can describe it). My bosses understandably were unhappy with me taking time off work for this, but I did so for a number of weeks with a signed fit note from my GP. All above board. I tried to go back to work too soon (following emails from Frollo explaining that my colleagues are much older and that my absence is causing serious concern and disruption etc). During my attempt, my time keeping and attendance were poor, but I did my very best. Then ended up on the sick again. Not ideal I’m sure you’ll agree. This year has been my attempt to regain the trust of my employers by improving my attendance and being on time. All good stuff!

However… Frollo presented me with a form to sign earlier this week requesting permission to obtain a medical report from my GP! Ermm sorry what??!? You want to go prying into my private records on what grounds?! I was extremely concerned about this so I wrote out a letter to them explaining said concerns and requesting more information with regards to my rights as an employee and enquiring about the type of information they wish to find out!

I presented my formal letter to Frollo within the hour and nothing more was said. Until now…

Received an ESSAY by email to say that my concerns are very worrying to them and that I have no choice but to submit to their request. There was a great deal of waffle regarding his shock and outrage that I have made such requests and how I was able to seemingly pull so many queries out of the air so quickly.

He has underestimated me. MASSIVELY. I will not submit to such bullying behaviour without making an informed decision. I want to know my rights as an employee (I have already sought online legal advice) and have their questions put to me as an employee. My medical records should not be used as a way of validating my honesty. I feel used, battered, bruised but determined!

They have tried to play a clever game with me, get me to sign a form requesting medical information whilst I am out of the country, then probably sack me based on their findings. I have not signed. They now have to wait until my return before continuing with this ridiculous battle. I shall be ready.

They will NOT treat me this way. I am being pushed into a corner, but by all the Gods I won’t give in without a fight.

Fight for your rights!

Love to all, I hope to raise a horn of mead with you in the halls of Valhalla.


2 thoughts on “Being Backed into a Corner

  1. Bad form on your boss’s part. I understand the company’s frustration to a small degree. Employees are paid to provide labor, and said labor keeps the company functional.

    Still, most Western countries have varying degrees of privacy laws regarding this sort of thing (among other protections), so unless you were threatening to harm anyone, the request was out of line and possibly illegal.

    I don’t miss the corporate culture. I celebrate it’s absence in my life now actually,


    1. Couldn’t agree more, thank you for your thoughts!! No one would believe I’d ever hurt anyone and that’s never been mentioned. Thankfully my boss loves sending emails so I have a catalogue of unpleasant emails to show if the situation deteriorates further. Hoping to get a new job soon so I can be free of the whole situation, I can’t remember ever being as unhappy in a job as this and I thought my previous supermarket job was bad. I’d take that back ANY DAY!


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