The Unseen Beauty above out Heads

Since the arrival of my Camera in the post I’ve been itching to get out into my local area and start capturing my view of the world around me.

In some ways this has made me more aware of the actual physical buildings and surroundings I take for granted every day. I walk the same routes every day to and from work. Today however, I took time to notice the beauty of some local landmarks in my city centre. Our “heads down” world doesn’t encourage us to truly look around at things especially in places we see regularly!

The stunning architecture of the older stone buildings; some daffodils growing wild behind a patch of fencing next to the path on my bus ride home…

We have so much more beauty around us than we realise or appreciate.

I can’t wait to get out there and start sharing the beauty of my world with you!

Take a second to stop and find something beautiful today.

Luna xx

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