Accidental Congratulatory anti-Semitism

DISCLAIMER: This sounds a lot worse than it is! I am not in any way anti-Semitic!!!

That phrase happens to be the one that best sums up the hellishly busy day I’ve had at work. The two newbies are in cahoots and are plotting to overthrow the establishment… (I’m just waiting on proof!)

I digress…

I was given a difficult task by the Boss via said Newbies… One that took some time and a considerable amount of brain power to figure out and implement. But YAY me I fixed the problem. Another colleague suggested I might like a Gold Star for my efforts! 🌟 For a change I played along and said I would. My efforts after all had been mighty! I was presented with half a post-it note with a St David’s cross drawn on it… ✡️ Given the styling of this gift when she stuck it to my arm it very much had the look of an anti-Semitic arm band from a not too distantly ended World War… I mentioned this to my colleague and she had NO idea what I meant… When explained VERY basically she understood and quite rightly looked rather embarrassed then hastened to draw me a more pleasingly shaped 🌟 😂

Ok so that’s my slightly amusing story for the day.

The only other news I have of interest is that I have FINALLY discovered what the Hallmarks mean on the back of a dish I bought at a Bootsale a couple of weeks ago!

Quite exciting to think how old it could be! It’s only Silver plated but to me, it’s nice to know where something so ordinary looking has come from and when they were making things!

I’ve also bought myself a DSLR camera recently! I’ve wanted one for a LONG time and decided to treat myself before my holiday next month. So looking forward to getting out and exploring then capturing the moments around me! 😍

Hope you are all enjoying your day however you are spending it and health and happiness are with you in abundance.



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