Unstoppable Spirit

Today is Wonderful! Full of Wonder and untouchable happiness. My positive vibes are literally shining out of me today! I can’t believe how happy I am and what makes it better, I don’t even know what has made me so amazingly positive so suddenly!

This is EXTREMELY unusual for someone who usually struggles with getting out of bed, showering and keeping my anxiety/depression/bpd under control!

Long may it continue I hope!

Edit from following day, which is now today!! It continues!! I am unstoppable and awesome feeling! I decided to follow my positivity with things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I have FINALLY bought a camera, a proper DSLR, after having wanted one for a number of years! I’m not getting any younger and if this is something that I can use in a positive way towards a new hobby and to spread some happiness in this world then let’s fucking do it!!

Also, I’ve been wanting a Helix ear piercing for a long while too but never had the guts to do it, worried about what my parents would say etc etc. I’m entirely my own woman now, I have a mortgage for crying out loud! I’m pretty sure I can get my ear pierced again without having to worry Mummy and Daddy might tell me off. This is one massive FUCK YOU to my anxiety and fear of judgement.

I am me. I am enough. Quite frankly for those of you who don’t know me (which now I think of it, is in fact all of you!) I am fucking AWESOME!

Have a great International Women’s Day everyone! Be your BEST self and screw the haters, they’re not worth your notice!

Once my ear has healed a bit I’ll take a picture with my new shiny camera!

Be awesome today everyone. Sending Love to you all, especially if your day isn’t going as you would like! Stay strong, you can do it!


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