A Passionate Mind

Ok, so this is more of a quick list than a true post… I’ve been feeling emotions rather intensely of late and what better way to focus this new found brain power than to list down all the things I find myself being passionate about! I am becoming more determined to make a DIFFERENCE for this planet we call home. Here are some things I want to help to change/fix/make better:

  • Save the Bees, the busy little Bees
  • Reduce Plastic waste and Pollution in my local area and encourage others to join me
  • Do more to help the homeless
  • Donate more to food banks to help those living in poverty in my community
  • Helping people struggling with their own Mental Health (hopefully by becoming a Counsellor!)
  • Encourage others to re-use, recycle, up-cycle, buy second hand and make use of the amazing things this World already has to offer, without feeling the pressurised First-World idea that everything needs to be bought new for it to be “proper”!!
  • Encourage the birds to feed in my yard, I’m trying really hard to make it more friendly for them. It’s a pleasure to watch them in my parents garden, I just wish I had a proper garden to welcome them properly.

What things make you passionate? I’m curious to see how our minds work when something sparks our interest or imagination!

Please feel free to leave a comment!

Be passionate today everyone 🙂


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