A Mind FULL of Wonder!

WOW, what an evening I’ve just had. One unremarkable evening has just become extraordinary!! During my depressive episodes it’s sometimes very difficult to feel anything except numbness and I rejoice when my brain comes back to life and reminds me what a wonderful thing the human brain can be! I took a shower after spending some time here reading new posts and following a FANTASTIC post about an Einsteinian Revolution to the education systems of the world my brain has switched on FULL SPEED AHEAD!

I have spent the last half hour writing frantically to get all the thoughts, ideas and brainwaves down on paper so I can look back on them and hopefully make their sparks of greatness become flames of inspiration!

Watch this space over the coming days, my brainwaves shall come forth into the World!

Be awesome, you can do ANYTHING!

Love to all,


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