Straws, Sandwiches and Painkillers

What a mishmash. The title says it, it’s confusing and random but succinctly sums up the three main things going on in my head today.

Firstly; Ow. Yes Ow. As in the pain noise we make… Some stupid viral infection has decided to take up residence somewhere in the region of my voice box and as such my spoken (and singing) voice is gone. Kaput. Broken. Silenced. The loudest noise I can make is when I’m coughing… Inconvenient given I work in a customer serving environment where verbal communication is needed every 30-60 seconds. I had to leave work early as a result today, trying to speak all morning had reduced my throat to razor blades which I felt unable to do all afternoon.

ANYWAY! That is my painkillers (vodka, as that works better than anything else I’ve so far tried) section dealt with, on to the much more interesting topics of straws and sandwiches.

I watched a video on social media on my way home this afternoon about a Grandmother living on the South Coast who made a promise to herself to do a beach clean every week for a year. Seeing the things she found throughout the year and took off our beaches was so inspiring, made me feel good that one person with a purpose can make a noticeable difference. She also gave a great little speech for those that might say “I don’t live near a beach.” Start at your back door, your garden, your lane, your estate! There is so much good we can do right on our own doorsteps and WE have to save this planet we call home as no other species can! We broke it, we HAVE to put it right. She is also campaigning for her area to go plastic (single use) straw free! How amazing!! I’d love to something similar, might need to look into how that would be possible. So yeah, straws! Pick up litter! Save the planet! GO HUMANITY!

Lastly, (but certainly not least importantly) sandwiches. Everyone loves sandwiches… Or at least they should, if you don’t please try again! My thoughts on this seemed to develop throughout the day. On my way to the bus stop I passed a homeless man asleep sitting up in his sleeping bag outside a Bakery. Clearly some people had bought him things at some point as he had various branded cups/wrappers etc next to him. Yay for those people doing nice things! But my thought really came from when I got home and spotted a pack of four bread buns I’d bought as a checkout purchase at a local shop last week… They were going out of date that day so I shouldn’t really have bought them! I live alone… So HIGHLY unlikely to eat four sandwiches in 24 hours, however I digress… Again… I bought those buns because they were cheap. I was in a thrift shop buying reduced bread buns… If I’d been thinking more humanely (and less greedily) I might have thought, let’s get a sandwich filler for these, make them up and pass them to people on the streets on my way home. I don’t know about the rest of you but there are a shameful number of people sleeping rough in my city… And in like so many other cities, not enough is being done to help… Maybe next time I see a pack of cheap bread, I’ll buy it and spend that extra £1 on something to make food for a few in need rather than my own greed. I wouldn’t have to go far out of my way to find them. They’re everywhere. My workplace has a small kitchen facility with a fridge. Make up four sandwiches on my lunch break, then give them out on my way to get the bus home. I might be the difference between someone eating today and dying of starvation tonight. A personal effort to improve the lives of others.

I am very lucky to have my own home, food in my cupboards and a comfy bed to go to at night. All in a place of safety and warmth.

Today I make a promise to myself, make an effort for those who have hit rock bottom. Be a light in the dark. To coin a beautiful phrase from JRR Tolkein: “May it be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”

Would anyone else out there like to come on this journey with me?

Let me know your thoughts on any of the above! It’s been a deep-thought day!

Keep fighting to be your best you! Love to all,

Luna xXxXx

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