My Intolerance of the Idiocracy

Put simply. I don’t do idiots. I can’t stand them. I feel my brain cells dying and my face going to a dumbfounded stare. Today my PBD is going crazy, and thus my usually tolerant and lengthy fuse is shorter than the average match stick, and even more flammable!

One of the worst topics to flare up this shorter fuse: Politics.

When dealt with by my primordial colleagues it becomes painful and infuriating in equal measure. Anyone not in the UK reading this, basically all the older working class Britons chose to leave the EU in a ridiculous vote and they haven’t stopped going on about it since. The argument my learned colleagues have on this topic is that “them immigrants” are taking all our jobs and ruining the country. Absolute BULLSHIT! Without immigration we would have a HUGE skills shortage in this country. Science, medicine, business amongst many others couldn’t function without foreign workers and their expertise. Anyway, I digress!!

Whilst discussing the latest development in the downward spiral of UK politics one lady pipes up with this beauty… “I think us should just have one person what makes all the choices for the country then the rest does what they say” (Her spoken grammar is similar in quality to that of the average three-toed Sloth!) As you can tell by the written venom in my voice, this type of non-sensical ignorance boils my piss more than pretty much anything else! The idea of a potential Monarchy or Dictator taking over this country is one that causes anyone with more than half a brain cell serious disquiet! Just to make my thoughts clear, I am a great lover of the Royal Family and their role in this country, I just do not approve of the idea of the Monarch having the final say in matters of State. 

In addition to this sprouting of lunacy, I would like to introduce a new Character to this Blog! Quasi. The latest in a quickly growing line of minions who have attempted to work in this hell-hole of a work environment. She is in short, the least intelligent human I have ever had the misfortune to come across. Speaking as fast as a Sloth climbs a tree and with as much brain power as a Mouse on a Wheel, she makes for a step backwards in human evolution. Neanderthals were basic hunter-gatherers which eventually met and bred with our Ancestors. Quasi is descended from a less well-known branch of the human evolutionary tree. Homo-Idiotis. No words I have in my repertoire are quite sufficient to describe how much suffering her stupidity causes me. From little things like leaving her chair in the middle of the (1m wide) aisle, to the way she says *insert real name* Luuuuuunnnnaaaaaaaaa when she wants me to repeat another piece of simple information she should know after I’ve told it to her 100 previous times. The job we do is inherently Customer Service and office admin, hardly rocket science. However she has proved to me that we need a more rigorous interview selection process for potential candidates. Pretty sure there are Gorilla’s, Dogs and Pigs all of which have a better ability to remember information and perform repetitive tasks than Quasi does. 

Ok, so I realise this has been SUPER-Ranty, which I hope isn’t something I usually do, or get into a habit of doing. I have just had the most frustrating of days, even more so than yesterday which I didn’t think was possible! I will finish editing this at home (I wanted to make the most of venting my frustrated feelings rather than seething inside my own head, hence all this being written at work) and post it up for your delectation. This post has actually taken me closer to a week to post, but having re-read with fresh eyes I am still certain of my opinions and intolerance of idiots.

Please write me a comment saying what things annoy you about idiots in your workplace! I would love to know it isn’t just me who suffers in this regard!

For now, fellow bloggers, Farewell!

Luna x

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