Miss Messy-Mind

A (hopefully) short post to express my frustration and boredom of work today. Our Internet connection to the work computers is down so we cannot access any new orders, emails or do any kind of meaningful work. The boss People are off today so I can type this post in relative safety. The whole company is dying of boredom as we have so little to do. I attempted to fix the problems with the internet myself this morning (good old switch it off and on again routine) but to no avail and our tech wizard (still working with Windows 95) can’t come in to “fix” it until after lunchtime.

During my search for the correct cables and plugs, I experienced the usual stabs of annoyance that a business can have been running so long and have such a terrible tech system.

To all cable management fans I am truly sorry in advance…

Hell in cable form…
Why… Just WHY?!
FML… *Headdesk*

Anyway, wish me luck for the rest of this, the dullest day ever.


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