My self-care weekend

I made a promise to myself during my worst days of depression, anxiety and isolation last year that when I was able to look up towards the light and the future I would make myself a priority. Self-care, in other words.

Actively practicing and acknowledging the need to care for and love myself.

After a great week last week, I felt it was entirely deserved to enjoy my weekend. Not just enjoy it, but to better myself during it. So my weekends adventures lie ahead!


I’d made plans with my best friend Artemis to meet for food and some girl time after work. A great decision!! I finished work slightly earlier so I was able to run a few errands before meeting her, winning! I’d checked my bank account earlier in the day and to my great pleasure I discovered that I’d been granted a refund from my energy supplier! Great news indeed!

As a sufferer of Anxiety and Quiet BPD, one of my biggest fears is a surprising one to most people, women especially! The Hairdressers. I actively put off the appointments where I am forced to sit, accept prolonged, physical contact from a stranger. Having to pay what to me seems like an extortionate sum (no matter where you go) for such an experience is greatly displeasing. The worst part by far for me… The Smalltalk. The need hairdressers have (most of them anyway) to ask questions about work, family, relationships and goodness knows what else whilst faffing around my head is almost more than I can stand! It has been about 2-3 years since my last haircut…

I have digressed (again!)… Anyway. I had this refund, plus some time on my hands. I remembered there was a walk-in salon close to our meeting point so I decided to give it a go! My main thought was that at least they’d wash my hair for me… I hadn’t done it that morning 😦

+1 Self-care point

+1 Phobia fighting point

I DID IT! One small trip for most, one HUGE trip for me. A wash, trim and basic styling for me! What a success!

Artemis met me at the salon and she was so proud of me for facing my fear! We then went together to our favourite restaurant Yo! Sushi… Omnomnom! We put the world to rights and slated her loser of a husband! (Just found out this evening she’s kicked him out!! WOOHOO)

+1 Socialising point

+1 Eating in public point


A wonderful lie-in to start the day. Relaxing and great for an over-busy mind. Didn’t honestly get much done around the house, but I’m taking that as a positive as it’s quite tidy already!


The first Bootsale of the year!!! I know you’re all super excited because I was ecstatic! Artemis is my Bootsale buddy and we go every week where possible! It is a way for us to socialise and also to flex our entrepreneurial muscles! Small scale buying and selling is a very new thing to me but it is certainly enjoyable and profitable too once you get the hang of it! Mostly kids toys in need of a quick clean then can be sold on at a small profit to a new home! With the economy in ruins at the moment people need all the help they can get. So parents getting a bargain for their kids can make a real difference. Also on a nice note, it’s great to know these items are going to a new home rather than in the bin… I think our landfills are quite full enough! Again I digress!!!

My last purchase of the day was an impulse £1 but it has turned out already to be my best buy of the day! A large collection of singles records from the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s!! Unfortunately they’re not in the best condition but I took the whole lot over to mum and dad’s this evening to show them!! We ended up going through the lot and what memories they brought back from their youth! Lots of new names to me but that just sounds like a challenge to learn more about them!

+1 Family Memory point

+1 Quality time point

It’s definitely time for me to get to bed as tomorrow starts another week! I’m so pleased to be able to share this humble but fantastic weekend with you!

Peace and blessings to you all.


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