The Freedom of an Organised Mind

I’m feeling a different vibe today! Good vibes are in the air for certain. I have been thinking for a while about some small tasks I need to complete with regards to home improvements, medical appointments and checking bills and alternative service providers, but life always has a way of pushing these things further and further down the never-ending to-do list!

Unfortunately, towards the end of last year I slipped head over heels into a depressed state that left me unable to work, eat properly or take care of my most basic needs for months on end. Doing even the smallest of tasks like showering or getting dressed seemed to require enough energy to power half the country, which I certainly didn’t have! Since then, thankfully the dark clouds have begun to lift and I can see the Sun peeking through!

Part of the stimulus for this episode is the drawn-out collapse and eventual termination of my first adult long-term relationship. I made the choice to end it and I do not in anyway regret my decision but cutting off one of my few sources of “comfort” was devastatingly difficult. Whilst this at the time felt like the lowest point of my life, in retrospect it allowed me to go through a true turning point which has become a great coping mechanism I employ in as many areas of my life as humanly possible! Organisation.

My wonderful Mum helped me discover this through the act of a full house deep-clean. The day after my break-up she wanted to help distract me and suggested that something she did when grieving or upset was cleaning!

Thus, we set to work. My flat had suffered greatly at the hands of my depression. Dirty dishes, messy surfaces, rubbish and a grand old “floordrobe” being among some of the worst offenders. We put on a Harry Potter Audiobook (which fixes a lot of things I find) and got to it! By the end of the day, the whole flat had been transformed! All the mess and chaos in my living space was no longer causing mess and chaos in my head and that felt wonderful!

Since then, I have endeavoured to keep a better handle on the tidying up and dishes etc which is *touch wood* so far so good!

During my Christmas break from work I decided to take this Organisation to a new level. I love making lists, always have done, and having things written down is a great way to stop anxiety telling me to worry about what I may or may not have forgotten to do at some point!

Christmas Day arrived and to my great delight my Organisational dreams came true! I received a small diary for my handbag, a long calendar for the house and a desk calendar for my desk at work!! So much organising!! I spent the day before I returned to work synchronising these three diaries with important birthdays, events etc so I know wherever I happen to be I know I have access to the same information. Seriously, this feels great, you should try it!!

In addition to all this wonderousness, I made a choice to utilise my time at work during a very quiet day to get rid of some of the annoying monkeys off my back! Made a loooooonngggggg list of small niggly things I needed to do and got a surprising number completed within an hour or so!

Since then, I feel like an invisible weight has been lifted for all these small things are no longer dancing tantalisingly just out of reach.

For me, Organisation is key. Long may the chaotic, anxiety monster be kept on a much shorter leash!

Go buy a diary/calendar now, or a list book… Or all three because why wouldn’t you?! Stationary (especially unused) is amazing! 😂

Over and out!


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