A letter to my ex-lover’s Girlfriend…

Once again, here I am with more information to share! This time, a letter to a woman I wish I had the courage to speak to in person… By writing this here I hope to gain courage enough to tell her what I know…

“Dear Shanzi,

You have, I believe, heard of me; although we have never been introduced. I was until recently, your boyfriends lover; I thought it was about time you knew about it!

I have been told you can be very jealous and possessive as a partner and quite frankly your intuition is bang on! I have no idea if he has previously been unfaithful to you but I can tell you with no agenda or profit to gain that he isn’t the man you think he is. He has charmed and talked his way into our hearts and lives and has you believe that he loves you. As a lying, sociopathic narcissist it is doubtful he even understands the concept of love. He is without doubt incredibly intelligent, but he has no concept of what people can do when they have nothing to lose!

I am single, so therefore have betrayed no relationship in being with him. He had me believe he was planning to leave you to be with me instead. He lied. Wanted to have his cake and eat it so to speak. Two sets of open legs are much better than one apparently, who ever said chivalry and loyalty were dead?!

He took the time to get to know me, even to learn about my anxieties so he could better reassure and charm me that he was different and would never abandon me… Lying scum-bag.

He abandoned me at the turn of the year whilst you were abroad with family. They say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” well this woman has decided to give you a bit of advice. Leave now. He’s done this to me, who knows how many more times it has already happened or could happen again…

I can’t apologise enough for being the one to bring you this news and don’t expect you to thank me for it or to be the best of friends afterwards. I have nothing to lose in telling you what he’s done and it might save you from getting hurt more severely in future.

You may of course not believe my claim and believe I am trying to steal him from you. I can provide both written messages and detailed accounts of his “characteristics” as a lover. I am not proud of my actions and do hope that in time I can earn your forgiveness.

I do hope this will help you start a new chapter in which you live your life to the fullest and without such a cock-womble influencing your decisions in life.

My heartfelt apologies once again.

Best of luck for the future!

The other woman.”

Thank you world. 🌍 Hopefully one day she will know the truth.

May the powers that Be grant me the courage and strength I need.


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