“I’ve got the M-M-M-Magic in Me!”

Good Evening again! Tonight marks the last night of my festive holidays before returning to the world of work in the morning. I thought this evening would be a good time to give you some background on me that may well be interesting or useful for future posts.

Firstly, I hate my job. Full Stop. No ifs or buts about it. I couldn’t admit this to myself until recently but after an honest and frank conversation with an inspirational Lady in my life (I’m sure she will come up again, truly AMAZING!) she made me realise that whilst I try to make the best of everything and stay positive where possible, there is no coming back from this one! I work in a very niche market so I can’t go into to huge amounts of detail in the interests of anonymity. In a nut-shell the basics are as follows:

  • Small, family business (not my family I hasten to add!)
  • Produces specific Uniforms from order through production to completion
  • Run by two partners with their nest of minions beneath (no middle management)
  • Average employee age: 40-50 years

Ok, so a very basic list I realise but the main problems are not with the business, it could be a wonderful place to work and give a real feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction but under its current management I can’t see it surviving more than another 10 years at the very most! Why do I think this? Simple. The aforementioned average age of my colleagues in a very specialised workplace means that it is likely that many of them will be looking to retire within the next 10 years or so. In and of itself, not a problem! However, when put up against a boss who is unwilling to hire young (20-30 year old) staff because she is firmly (and wrongly) of the belief that “young people don’t want to” work in our industry. Incorrect, entirely. We have two well-respected universities in this city that both offer degrees in the relevant subject area. We would have a queue out the door of people wanting to get experience working with us as it would look great on any CV! In contrast, if required to hire anyone (she puts off the idea that anyone might ever consider leaving) it will undoubtedly be someone slightly later in life who (like the current employees) only have a few years left of their compulsory working life! See the recurring problem here? Yes indeed!

The other major problem (one of quite a few) is that one is penalised for using their brain, should they be privileged to have one!! I count myself as one of a very small number that have more than half a dusty brain cell interested in nothing more than last nights soaps and how “them immigrants” (yes, that is how they speak) are ruining the country. The business has been running (with varying degrees of success) for over 30 years and to my mind any innovations to improve productivity in any area (mine being Computers and Web Design) should be encouraged and taken seriously, rather than penalised and considered a “threat” to the management. Backwards? Yes, I think so too!

I am forced to stop here as I could literally go on for hours! I’m sure in future posts I will expand on some things more and introduce more idiotic business practices I am forced to abide by all in the name of keeping bread on the table (or in my case, Gin in a glass!)

I end my evening writing this post about all these negative things but in reality I haven’t so mentally free in a long time. I have plans to make my 2019 great, I hope this is my start of good things to come. I have been listening to a random YouTube playlist that happen to have covered some of my favourite songs from films, hence the title of this post. I have always loved Choral singing and whilst it is by no means perfect, the “Pitch Perfect” films at least allow me some semblance of feeling like I am back on stage doing what I love. I will keep the Music singing in me.

So I leave you with…

“So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night”

The Sound of Music

Much love, keep singing.


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